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           Heads Or Tails by Gary Kosnitzky
"Imagine being able to toss a spinning coin high up in the air and possess the uncanny ability to predict whether it will land on heads or tails side up. Are you able to foretell the future? What if you can toss a coin in the air and make it land face up on any side the spectator wishes. You may even let the spectator catch the coin themselves. Do you have super human powers? Gary's, aim in authoring this treatise is to explain and teach you how to do just that. He calls this method of tossing a coin so that you have complete control over its outcome, the Controlled Coin Toss.
The act of tossing or also known as flipping a coin to make a determination has been around for well over a thousand years. The ancient Romans played a game called "navia aut caput" (ship or head). Most likely it was named this because ancient Roman coins usually had a ship on one side and the profile of the head of an Emperor on the other side. Gary would not be surprised if there was a Toga-clad gambler back then who was employing the Controlled Coin Toss to cheat at this game. The origins of this method to control the outcome of a coin toss are shrouded in obscurity by the mists of time.  Only a small number of Mathematicians, Gamblers, and Magicians have any knowledge of this technique. Fewer yet can actually do it well.  It is really not very difficult to do once you develop the knack. Like anything worthwhile mastering it will require some practice.



DeKram Deck with Book

This deck, without a doubt, is a great marked deck.  Very well made and one of the few Poker sized marked decks on the market. The markings are hard to see, but screams out at you when you know the secret! 
The 36 page Book includes over 11 tricks (with many illustrations) that you can perform with this deck.  Plus, the book also includes several card set ups including the Si Stebbins and Chased arrangement plus examples.
Highly Recommended!

People who purchased this trick have also purchased the manual "Hidden in Plain Sight".




For the serious student, a lengthy bibliography has been included, leading the reader to further information and uses for marked cards.

Hidden in Plain Sight from Kirk Charles
A Manual for Marked Cards

Hidden in Plain Sight is the most complete manual for marked cards ever published. Author Kirk Charles, a long-time professional magician, has written a book that explores this most powerful of all magical tools in great detail. From the history of marked cards to more modern developments in “reader” technology, Charles breaks down the advantages, disadvantages and nuances you’ll need to know. You’ll learn about commercially available decks as well as how to prepare your own custom-marked pack.

Additionally, Charles delves into the psychology involved in performing with a marked deck. From strategies for misdirection to key cards, stacked decks, and mnemonics, Charles explores every angle of the tips and tactics that can enhance tricks with any marked deck.
For the beginning card conjurer, an entire chapter of easy-to-do miracle material has been included. These tricks require little if any sleight of hand, yet pack a wallop when performed. Even amateurs, armed with a marked deck and these “Instant Miracles” will be amazing spectators in no time!

Best of all, Hidden in Plain Sight details the workings of the finest marked cards on the market, the Boris Wild Marked Deck. A lengthy chapter, written by Boris Wild himself, details the nuts and bolts of his stellar system, and includes two blockbuster tricks that will fool not only laymen but magicians as well!



Svengali Deck Book

Learn 101 tricks with the Svengali Deck!
Excellent book with instructions in clear detail.

Svengali Deck not included. You need to have a Svengali Deck to do the tricks in this book, or you need to order one here.

Click here for Video instructions for the Svengali Deck.


Stripper Deck Book

Learn 101 tricks with the Stripper Deck!
Excellent book with instructions in clear detail.

Stripper Deck not included. You will  need to have a Stripper Deck

Click here for Video instructions for the StripperDeck.



Change Bag "Book"

Within this softbound book (28 pages) from, Magic City, you will find  a great amount of knowledge on how to perform quality routines during your performances -- using the Change Bag.

The Basics and just a few of the Effects

1900 Trick Mis-Made Flag Flat Dice
Whoops! Magic Weaving Laundry Pick-Up
Sow's Ear Spooks The Bare End
C & R Tie It's Billet Time Miser's Surprise
Bank Night End of My Rope Corny Gag
Holiday Greetings Finding a Card Mental Money

This book contains everything you wanted to know about change bags along with tricks that can be performed with many different varieties of change bags; including the Flat or Draw String Change Bag, One Hand Change Bag, Regular Two Hand Change Bag, Repeat Change Bag, The Clear force Bag and The Mesh Change Bag.

These tricks can be performed by beginners, amateurs or pro’s, kid show performers or mentalists. If you already own any of these change bags, you'll be motivated to grab your change bag and put one of these cool tricks into your act! Or perhaps a presentation angle will spark an application for another of your Change Props, like a Card Box, or a Change envelope etc. Excellent value!

Flash Paper "Book"

Within this softbound book (28 pages) from, Magic City, you will find  a great amount of knowledge on how to perform quality routines during your performances -- using Flash Pads or Flash Sheets.

The Basics and the Effects

General Ideas Bar Bet Incandescent ID
Haystack Vanish Suspension Surprise Flash Prediction
KNO3 Prediction A Blazing Change Scorch It
String Spark Circle Flash Glow Rope
Flaming Spook Two in Hand--Poof! 3 on a Match
Vanished Restoration Can you Match That? Pellet Passage

Don't forget to order more
Slush Powder
           Slush Powder Book

Slush Powder lets you do the impossible! Armed with this secret weapon, you'll be able to perform miracles. Slush Powder gives you the power to perform trick that formerly required cumbersome gimmicks and apparatus with the greatest of ease, and very little preparation. For years, Slush Powder has been an overlooked accessory in the world of magic. Now, with this booklet, some careful thought and practice, you'll be able to perform a wide variety of trick sure to stun any audience.

The step by step instruction in this book give you all the details on how to work easy-to-do miracles with this secret substance.

Inside, you'll learn how to:

  • Visibly morph a glass full of milk into a handkerchief!
  • Vanish a bowl full of water!
  • Change a glass of water into a snowstorm of confetti!
  • Vanish a shot glass full of liquid from your bare hands!

Included inside is an assortment of innovative tricks and ideas from Patrick Page, one of magic's most creative thinkers.


Mouth coil mania! The old classic is the new rage with Shelley's gourmet Mouth Coil book! A tasty treat to delight and amaze! Used by magicians and clowns, Mouth Coils are the famous effect where a performer pulls and endless supply of multicolored streamers from their mouth.
This complete 20 page booklet hosts ideas (see below) that stretch beyond that classic effect.

* General Tips * After The Coil Is Produced * Good MC Bit
* Do You Use A Puppet? * Slush Powder Climax * Tongue In Cheek
* Peacock Egg * Tie One On * Do As I Do * Watch, Watch, Watch
* Funny Money * Out Of The Mouth Of Babies * Purse Frames
* Sponge Ball To Climax * All Balled Up * Running Gag
* And Away We Go * Spring Flower Finally * It Floats
* Change Bag Routine * Vanishing Mouth Coil * Christmas Garland
* Multi-Colored Ashes * Magic Coloring Book * Flash Production
* High As A Kite * Bases Loaded * Closing Thoughts


Magic Coloring Book
2 Books in One!

This is great gift for your kids...or for magicians, a great "give-a-way" gift for the kids that volunteer to help you during the show.   In addition to the many pages (20 pages) of magic that kids can color on...there are many pages of tricks that your kids...and, yes even you, can learn and then be able to perform.  Remember to never reveal the secret of a trick.


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