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To view a Windows Media clip of Folding Coin, click HERE!

To view another Windows Media clip of Folding Coin, click HERE!

Tango Folding Coin Quarter - Traditional with DVD

The magician takes a normal coin and an empty bottle. He requests a spectator who takes the bottle for the peak and strikes the bottom of the bottle with the coin, and it crosses the bottom of the bottle. Afterwards he shows that the coin is really inside the bottle, the magician waves the bottle and the coin goes out of it. Immediately he gives to examine the coin and the bottle.
Comes with Instructional DVD
along with other 50 Coin routines for your consideration.


Two Headed Quarter
Two Headed Quarter
Larger illustration
to show quality of the regular sized quarter

FRONT AND BACK example of the two headed quarter. You may receive different mint marks and dates.

Two Headed Quarter
A Great Gag Gift!
Precision cutting slices two genuine quarters in half so two heads are obtained, the two heads are then carefully placed together making a double headed quarter, a.k.a. Two Headed Quarter.

Picture is an example of the two headed quarter. The quarter you receive may have different dates. Think of the fun you could have with this with your friends at parties, with your office workers.

Not intended for betting purposes...just for fun!!!
Coin only - No instructions


Comes with the handy
black bag!
Magicians will love the secret optical illusion used to tell the sides apart!


Penny Tube - Brass
By Chazpro

This is a new version of the classic coin penetration tube, but it was designed to give magicians a coin tube with three important important differences:
1-it is brass
2-smaller in size (2 inches high)
3-one or two coins can penetrate through the tube at the same time.

Penny Tube is approximately 2 inches tall, precision machined in brass with an attractive design. It can easily be carried in your pocket. The tube screws apart at the center, so a quarter can be inserted. When the halves are screwed back together, the quarter completely blocks the center so nothing can pass through the tube.

REMEMBER: Unlike other coin penetration tubes, the performer can make one or two coins penetrate through the tube at the same time!

Only 1 Left

Scotch & Soda
By Sterling Magic

Most likely the most popular coin trick in the world! Requires no skill and can be learned in 5 minutes. Probably the first coin trick ever purchased by anyone that was interested in coin magic. The coins do all the work.

Place the American Half Dollar and the Mexican Centavo (a copper color coin) in a spectator's hand. Close their hand, reach in and remove the half dollar. Now "invisibly" remove the copper coin. Of course, the spectator will insist that the copper coin is still in their closed hand, but when they open it, the copper coin has, in fact vanished...and has changed to an American quarter!

Many astounding variations are possible with this precision-crafted set of coins.
People who purchase this trick have also purchased the video!


The ultimate modern version of
Scotch & Soda just got better!

The magnetic locking system makes it easier than ever to perform this pocket-sized miracle!

Captain & Coke
Click to enlarge

"The routine is easy to do and the coins are superbly made. I'm very excited about this."
- David Roth

"I love Captain & Coke! The trick and the drink!!"
- Magick Balay

"It's a perfect update, magicians on every level are gonna want one... I'm getting two!'" 
- Steve Dane

Captain & Coke 2.0
 by The Blue Crown

Brought to you by The Blue Crown, Captain & Coke 2.0 is made with a US quarter and penny - no more fishy coins that nobody has ever seen before! You could even borrow some change and then perform with your gimmick! The custom-made Captain & Coke 2.0 magnetic gimmick is precisely crafted to exacting specifications.
The magnetic locking system makes it easier than ever to perform this pocket-sized miracle!

Borrow and Give Away the Coins!

On the DVD, Kevin Reylek takes you step-by-step through the design and operation of the gimmick, and he also teaches routines that can be performed by beginner or advanced magicians. There is even a variation that allows you to give away the coins at the end! The Captain & Coke 2.0 gimmick works perfectly for any Scotch & Soda routine and is ideal for any venue or performing style.

  •  Easy to learn and perform
  • Custom Machined Gimmick
  • Magnetic Locking System
  • Classic and Advanced Handlings
  • Double Coin Bend Routine
  •  DVD - Runtime Approx 35 Minutes
Quarter Squeeze


Quarter Squeeze - Brass

Several quarters penetrate a brass block one at a time. This happens under the closest scrutiny from spectators - who can surround the magician as the effect is performed. The brass block is wedged in between two brass rings and the quarters are dropped on top. There is apparently no way for the coins to penetrate the brass plug. Yet that is exactly what happens. One by one, the quarters filter through the block as if it were a sieve.

 Easy to do. Precision machined from brass.
 Complete with detailed instructions.
See Demo Video



Magic Coin Slider

(Coins not included)

Magic Coin Slider-Black

The Magician borrows a coin, and places it in the magic coin slider. The drawer is then slid closed. After the Magician says the magic words, the drawer is slid opened and the coin is GONE! Once again the drawer is slid closed, again the magic words are spoken, the coin has RETURNED!
Simple and easy to do, entirely self-working!

* NOTE: This Magic Coin Slider is far superior than any other version available at this price!
Unlike the originals made in the 1940's and 50's, which only worked with a U.S. Dime, this version will work with a Dime, Penny, Nickel or Quarter! In fact, due to it's deeper design, up to 3 Quarters can be made to appear and disappear! You can even transform a Quarter into 2 Dimes and a Nickel! And because of the top quality, this prop should last a generation or two. It's the best Magic Coin Slider we've ever seen!

(Not recommended for Children under three years)

Magic Coin Slider

           Magic Coin Slider-Green

The Magician borrows a coin, and places it in the magic coin slider. The drawer is then slid closed. After the Magician says the magic words, the drawer is slid opened and the coin is GONE! Once again the drawer is slid closed, again the magic words are spoken, the coin has RETURNED!
Simple and easy to do, entirely self-working!
(Not recommended for Children under three years)


Coin Vanishing Stand Coin Vanishing Stand

You place up to four half dollars...or any other pocket size coin, onto this nice wooden display stand. One by one you then pick them up from the stand in full view of the audience ... toss them up into the air as they magically vanish.

Very useful accessory for platform coin effects, very clean vanish without any palming or sleight of hand. With instructions.
Heads Tails


          Heads Or Tails by Gary Kosnitzky
"Imagine being able to toss a spinning coin high up in the air and possess the uncanny ability to predict whether it will land on heads or tails side up. Are you able to foretell the future? What if you can toss a coin in the air and make it land face up on any side the spectator wishes. You may even let the spectator catch the coin themselves. Do you have super human powers? Gary's, aim in authoring this treatise is to explain and teach you how to do just that. He calls this method of tossing a coin so that you have complete control over its outcome, the Controlled Coin Toss.
The act of tossing or also known as flipping a coin to make a determination has been around for well over a thousand years. The ancient Romans played a game called "navia aut caput" (ship or head). Most likely it was named this because ancient Roman coins usually had a ship on one side and the profile of the head of an Emperor on the other side. Gary would not be surprised if there was a Toga-clad gambler back then who was employing the Controlled Coin Toss to cheat at this game. The origins of this method to control the outcome of a coin toss are shrouded in obscurity by the mists of time.  Only a small number of Mathematicians, Gamblers, and Magicians have any knowledge of this technique. Fewer yet can actually do it well.  It is really not very difficult to do once you develop the knack. Like anything worthwhile mastering it will require some practice.


Elite Magicians Hand Lotion

you need this


      Elite Magician's Hand Lotion
                    4 oz. Spray Bottle

            This stuff really, really works!

Gary Ouellet and Guy Camirand have for years looked for the best manipulative lotion. In 1988, they offered what we believed was the best hand lotion for manipulators.

This is an improved version of their original and unique hand solution which is perfect for those of us who struggle with dry hands during a performance. Just apply it 10 minutes before show-time and you're all set!

Do you have problems with cards slipping? Classic-palmed coins popping free prematurely? This specially-prepared solution will combat these and related problems by adding just the right amount of cling without making your hands sticky (unlike most commercial hand creams and lotions).

Available again after a ten year absence, this may well be the answer to your dry hand woes!

No card, coin or ball handler can do without this great manipulation lotion! It's NOT greasy either!



Magic Wand Pen & Marker

A magic wand's tips can be removed revealing both a marker and a pen all in one!  What a great way to have a spectator sign their selected card, coin or magically sign your business card.   One end is a pen and the other end is a "magic marker".


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